Information for Booksellers
About "Monumental Beauty: Peace Monuments and Museums Around the World"

By Edward W. Lollis

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Published by Peace Partners International, Inc. and printed on demand by Bookstand Publishing.

May 2013, 75 pages, 8-1/2x11 inches/22x28 cm, 445 illustrations, entirely in color.

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Dear Bookseller:

Why You Should Sell This Book: "Monumental Beauty: Peace Monuments and Museums Around the World" is the first book of its kind.
It illustrates 379 peace monuments and 37 museums for peace in 70 countries, and relates them to the positive and negative events of world peace history. The book is intended for anyone interested in peace and justice issues and anyone visiting the sites of historic peace events. It should be owned by libraries and schools, sold in museum bookshops, and made known to peace activists everywhere.

Genres: History, Travel, Reference, Art, Architecture, Peace & Justice Studies

Where is This Book Printed and Sold? This book is printed on demand which means that it is printed in a country near you and delivered within days in whatever quantity you order (including a single book). Use your computer's search engine to discover how on-line retailers are already offering this book in many different countries, including Australia, Croatia, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Poland, United Kingdom and USA.

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Returns: All wholesale sales are final. Neither the book distributors nor the publisher currently offer to receive unsold books for full refund. If this policy prevents you from ordering this book, please contact the publisher (Peace Partners International, Inc.).

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In Peace, The Publisher